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5 Lighter-Than-Air Whipped Moisturizers That Can Handle Cool Temps

As the cold, complexion-tightening months draw ever closer, I turn my attention to my skin-care routine as well as my closet (to swap silks for sweaters). And the vocabulary I use to describe each are one in the same: In summer, I wear lightweight, silky serums and dresses, while in the winter I stick to heavy, thick moisturizers and sweaters.

It’s important to make swaps in your beauty routine, just as you do with your wardrobe, because different times of year present different challenges for skin. “In fall months, the air tends to be colder and drier,” explains Marina Peredo, MD, a New York City dermatologist. “Using a heavier moisturizer can help combat the lack of humidity in the air, keeping your skin supple.”

The question at hand of course is this: Do these moisturizers have to feel so heavy? Or can they, like cashmere, provide somewhat of a happy medium? I’m happy to report that the new class of lighter-than-air, whipped moisturizers have all of the important barrier-protecting ingredients that your complexion needs to survive winter, while making themselves discreet—you know, summer style.